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PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) is one of our core services FASTPCBA. From multi-layered to flexible printed circuit boards, FASTPCBA is your one-stop shop for PCB Manufacturing + Components Sourcing + PCB Assembly + Testing.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Test

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) is one of our core services FASTPCBA. From multi-layered to flexible printed circuit boards, FASTPCBA is your one-stop shop for PCB Manufacturing + Components Sourcing + PCB Assembly + Testing. and other material services. We provide our customers with PCB solutions and services worldwide. especially more than 80% printed circuit board are exported to oversea market.

PCB Assembly

PCB / PCBA Production Capacity

PCB and SMT assembly with one-stop service
Laminate materials
FR4, High TG FR4, High Frequency, Alum, FPC
Board Cutting
Number of layers
Min.thickness for inner layers
(Cu thickness are excluded)
Board Thickness
Board Thickness
Bow and twist
no more than 7/1000
Copper weight
Outer Cu weight
0.5-4 0z
Inner Cu weight
0.5-3 0z
Min size
Drill deviation
PTH  hole  tolerance
NPTH  hole  tolerance
Solder mask
Min solder mask clearanace
Min size
Function Test
100% Functional test
PCBA Testing
X-ray,AOI Test,Functional test
Surface Finish
HASL,ENIG,immersion silver,immersion tin,OSP…
PCB outline
Square,circle,irregular(with jigs)
Min line/space
Max size of finish board
Component sourcing

Quality Assurance

FASTPCBA has been selected as the “excellent partner of the year” by numerous well-known enterprises, and won many domestic and authorized certifications at home and abroad, such as Chinese high-tech project certification, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949 quality management system standard and customized CE, UL, FCC and other product certifications according to the customer's requirements. We have full of confidence to meet your quality level.

There is no shortcut for quality,and our goal just is to make well every printed circuit board. We have imported the advanced machinery from US,Japan,German and Israel to improve our production and technical ability.We have set a great example the PCB field of flying probe testing,buried and blind via and special controlled impedance. Finished PCB Assemblies are checked for proper component placement and functionality with a variety of methods including AOI Inspection, In-Circuit testing, and X-Ray inspection. We have a highly developed R&D division which has helped our factory successfully produce mechanical micro via,high density impedance and HDI.

ICT and Functional PCBA Testing

FASTPCBA is highly process focused with an adherence to J-STD-001 standards. All PCB assemblies are verified for part-placement accuracy; the use of critical checks such as signal integrity, functionality and performance to test specifications are fully incorporated into our PCBA testing procedures. Comprehensive PCBA testing capabilities include functional PCBA testing equipment and in-circuit testing (ICT).

china pcb factory

PCBA Testing With Multi-step Verification

To ensure the highest quality, FASTPCBA provides functional testing and in-circuit testing (ICT) services. Our test technicians and quality engineers are highly skilled, well-trained and will assemble and inspect to IPC-610 and J-STD-001 standards. Our manufacturing facilities and printed circuit board assembly processes have been audited and certified to these standards.

Once a PCBA is fitted with all necessary components and passed through the SMT assembly line, it is verified for compliance with customer CAD data using an inline AOI machine. Boards with bottom terminated components will go through x-ray inspection to ensure part-placement accuracy. Each assembly may then be subjected to in-circuit testing and/or functionally tested to customer specifications by a dedicated staff of test technicians.

The functional test stands used in the above process can be as simple as a set of electronic measuring devices on a workbench or as complex as a six-foot, rack-mounted, integrated testing system. While many customers choose to provide functional test equipment, FASTPCBA engineering staff has full capabilities to design and build customized functional testing systems.

Test, Engineering & Assembly Capabilities

All PCBA testing and inspections are performed by experienced associates and are individually marked and recorded for accurate traceability.

We have profuse experience in manufacturing PCB. Fastpcba PCB daily capacity is 1200 square meters, we can deliver the Single sided, Double sided PCB sample within 24 hours, 4-8 layer PCB in 3-5 working days,for the batch quantity for double side PCB,The lead time is 3-5 working days, 4-8 layers is 5-8 days. The quick and fast lead time stably ensures our customer of quick research speed to occupying the market. Millions of circuit boards are produced here every year, which provides superior service for automotive electronics, medical electronics, power communications, industrial automation, intelligent home and other industries around the world.

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FASTPCBA Service Center

FASTPCBA is Professional 20 Years PCB / PCBA Manufactuer in China, especially more than 80% circuit board are exported to oversea market. 

We offer 24*7 hours quotation service and engineering support. 


1) PCB Assembly (including Components Sourcing & Testing) 

2) Rigid PCB (1~48Layer) 

3) Flexible PCB

4) Rigid-flex PCB

If you have any PCB projects, welcome to contact us. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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