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The millitary alway use the most advanced technique to protect our coast when facing war. Since the 20th century, this technique was applied in the PCBA for the top-lever millitary and national defense.

The PCBA used in millitary and national defense which will have highest standard request compare with the normall ones, they should be the most efficient and the most reliable, they will play a crutial role when in a particularly harsh environment.

PCBA applied to millitary and national defense
Those also could be used in Navy, aviation, national defense. For its applications for military printed circuit boards is vary widely, so it is important to know its types, in order to make sure it could be adapted to the eletronic device of millitary and national defense.

The application for PCB included as below:
* AWACS pre-warning system and the power supply of the control system
* Auxiliary power unit for radar control system
* radio communications system
* Tower system
* LED system
* Firearms and explosives testing equipment
* Underwater navigation system
* Jet instrument
* Disturb system

* Electronic countermeasures

Military PCB Application

Those military PCB can bear the higher pressure, so those special PCB will be made by High temperature resistant laminate, Copper or aluminum base board. Military PCB manufacturer must produce PCBS, which are resistant to heat-sensitive oxidation and designed to dissipate heat efficiently at low weight.

Pls contact FASTPCBA, we could meet your PCB request for millitary and national defense.
FASTPCBA have supplied high quality, Durable and heat resistant PCB to millitary and national defense, we have woned ISO 9001:2015; IS0 14001:2015; UL and RoHS certificates. Our PCB could perform well Under severe conditions, which was used in millitary equipment. We also produce a variety types PCBS for military and defense applications.

If your millitary and national defense need high quality PCB, we are your best supplier, not only suppling your PCB manufacturing, but also supply the assembling service, so you can save your time and energy. FASTPCBA can supply one-stop service, PCB manufacturing, components outsourcing, SMT & DIP, testing.

We imported the advanced, highest precision equipments as below :
1. MY500 Solder paste printing machine
2. MYDATA full-automatic SMT production line
3. Vetronic reflow soldering with nitrogen

4. Selective wave soldering

Millitary pcb equipment

We have specialized in making PCB and assembling service for nearly 20 years, we are confident to day, we are your best supplier and partner.

Please contact us for quote.

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