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Box Build Assembly Services

Electronic box build assembly is a complex work comparing PCB assembly. Few PCB Assembly factories have professional production line and experience to offer standard box build assembly service. For low and medium volume box build assembly requests, we noticed some buyers divided works into different factories. PCB Assembly in factory A and box build assembly in factory B, which increases a lot communication time and cost. The transportation also cuase possible damage and delay.

The worse frustrating thing may happens unexpected when you cut the work into two parties. When the final product with any issue, sometimes it’s hard to recognize the cause and responsible party, or it costs time and energy to analysis. As a result, making your projects at FASTPCBA from pcb manufacturing and SMT assembly to box build assembly is very cost-effective and fast to market.

FASTPCBA Box Build Assembly Services

We provide the following types of box build assembly services:

  1. * Product Assembly

* Sub-level Product Assembly

* Competitive price both plastic and metal cases

* Complete product testing including functional testing and aging testing.

* Software programming

* Complete system integration

* Packaging (gift box packing)

* Sealing packing and vacuum packing

* Labeling including barcoding, SN number, mac address…

* Warehousing & drop shipment

Box Build Assembly Services

(The above products assembled by FASTPCBA, customers agree to show online and image processing. FASTPCBA will not reveal any product information without approval.)

Start Your Box Build Assembly At FASTPCBA

If you have electronic box build assembly requirements, reaching out to FASTPCBA is a great idea. As a part of our services, we will offer you a free quote and some useful information as per our assembly experience. We also assure you that we will never reveal your designs elsewhere with NDA agreement. Start your box build assembly projects at STHL by offering the below information:

* Bill of Materials (BOM)

* 3D CAD model

* The process of assembling

* Sample Unit (If you have, it will speed up the whole process.)

* Testing Method

* Packaging & Shipping information

FASTPCBA Service Center
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