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The most important function of automotive electronics is to improve the safety, comfort, economy and entertainment of the automobile. An electronic control system consisting of a sensor, a microprocessor MPU, an actuator, dozens or even hundreds of electronic components and their components.

Most automotive innovations, automobile and truck manufacturing require highly durable, reliable and robust PCB applications. High-tech PCB requirements signify that they can withstand harsh driving conditions and can become a catalyst for new innovations that expose automotive electronics. High-power copper-plated PCBs are the most widely used PCBs by car manufacturers. In addition, automotive PCB prototypes and PCB automotive sensors are the main sources of electronic development, especially engine management systems (EMS), instrument panels, fuel regulators, power supplies and V2V communications. Flexible PCBs and other automotive electronic circuits are the main time trend for highly compact and multifunctional technology applications in vehicles. In addition, for unique electronic solutions, PCB box construction and cable harness PCB assemblies are in great demand. With limited PCB versions, PCB prototypes with cost-effective production technology have become the mainstream for most automotive researchers to purchase innovations. Other technological advancements in the current era are consistent with the development atmosphere of PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing.

Other automotive PCB board applications include DC/AC power converters, digital displays, audio and video equipment, anti-lock braking systems, electronic computer units (ECU), automatic dimming and electronic mirror control systems, automotive lighting, power relays , Engine timing system and remote diagnosis system. These automotive applications also seek new concepts in PCB engineering, which can raise the standards of vehicle production to a new level.

Automotive PCB Assembly

Because there are so many different types of electronic systems in today’s cars, the types of PCBs needed for automotive electronics vary greatly. The same car may require flex PCBs, rigid PCBs and rigid-flex PCBs for different technologies. As people demand more accessories and features for their cars that are powered by electronic components, the need for automotive PCBs of varying types is only growing.

PCBs using substrate materials with different performances are applied in different sections of a vehicle, responsible for implementation of different functions. The following table demonstrates PCB type compatible with part of vehicle devices or instrument.

Vehicle Devices
PCB Types


air conditioner

Single/double-layer PCB

Single/double-layer flexible PCB

Car stereo;


Double-layer PCB

Multi-layer PCB

Flexible PCB

Automotive communication devices;

wireless location appliances;

security control system

Multi-layer PCB


Flexible PCB

Engine system;

power transmission control system

Metal-core PCB

Rigid-flex PCB

Vehicle power controller;

navigation device

Embedded PCB

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IATF 16949

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