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What is circuit board design for manufacturability?

date:2022-04-26 17:48:31

Design for pcba manufacturability, not only to solve the problem of manufacturability, but also to solve the problem of low-cost, high-quality manufacturing. The achievement of "manufacturable" and "low-cost, high-quality" goals depends not only on design, but also on manufacturing, but also on the coordination and unification of design and manufacturing, that is, "integrated" design. It is very important to realize this and is the basis for good PCBA design for manufacturability. Only by realizing this can we systematically and comprehensively grasp PCBA design for manufacturability.

In most pcba manufacturers, when it comes to manufacturability design, it is basically optical positioning symbol design, transmission edge design, assembly method design, spacing design, pad design, etc. These are some design "elements" in pcba production ”, but the core is how to “harmonize and unify” these elements. If this is not clear, even if all designs meet the requirements, the desired effect will not be obtained.



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