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What are the hazards of static electricity to PCBA circuit boards?

date:2021-04-26 15:02:40

Static electricity is extremely harmful to the microelectronics industry. The protection of static electricity in electronics factories is very strict, but why do electronics factories need to prevent static electricity? What is the hazard of static electricity to PCBA circuit boards?

The harm of static electricity to PCBA

The harm of static electricity to PCBA circuit boards

First of all, the first hazard of static electricity to PCBA circuit boards is electrostatic adsorption, which can cause serious pollution. It is known that the circuit board production process requires a clean workshop or an ultra-clean workshop in the workshop. However, it is difficult for many domestic manufacturers to achieve a particle size reduction. No, but now it is required that the particle size of dust particles be reduced from the original 0.3μm to the current 0.1μm, but if the particle size of the adsorbed dust particles is larger than the line width, it is easy to scrap the product.

The second is the hazard of electrostatic discharge, which can cause device breakdown. Electrostatic discharge is a process of charge accumulation. When the charge is accumulated to a certain level, a conductor close to it will cause electrostatic discharge. If there is a certain amount of static electricity in the conductor When the device is placed alone or installed in the circuit module, it will be broken down immediately, and the device will not be damaged immediately by electrostatic attack, but it will reduce its reliability and bring certain losses to the manufacturer.

The third is electronic interference, which can cause damage. Electrostatic discharge will radiate a lot of radio waves, and these radio waves have frequencies, which will cause great interference to the surrounding microprocessors and cause program changes. Data errors have seriously affected the modern production procedures.

I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the hazards of static electricity. The more specific the analysis of the hazards of static electricity to integrated circuit boards, the better it will be for everyone to make better judgments on the protection of static electricity.



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