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The story of 100 letters - Godson III and FASTPCBA SMT chip processing

date:2018-04-27 14:11:00

  • The story of 100 letters - Godson III and FASTPCBA SMT chip processing

  • FASTPCBA is a high-quality service provider in Shanxi Baixin. In 2015, it established a cooperative relationship with FASTPCBA to provide components and SMT processing services.

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  • Shanxi Baixin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales, and provision of overall information security solutions for autonomous and controllable information security products. It is established in the National Torch Program Taiyuan Information Security Characteristic Industrial Base. Established under the background of “military and civilian integration development”, it aims to build a comprehensive provider of domestic leading autonomous and controllable information security products, information security consulting and related services, and information security overall solutions. Shanxi Baixin's main products are self-controllable information server mainboards. The server mainboard adopts Beijing Zhongke Loongson R&D "Godson III" 2.0HZ main frequency CPU. Shanxi Baixin is also China's first self-developed computer company.
  • FASTPCBA specializes in PCB and SMT manufacturing for 15 years. It is a benchmarking company in the electronic processing industry in 2015. Welcome to consult:



FASTPCBA 20 years' experience for PCB Assembly.


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