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Story between FASTPCBA pcb manufacturing and Andy(America customer)

date:2019-08-01 10:34:53

Story between FASTPCBA pcb manufacturing and Andy(America customer)

We have a US customer whose name is Andy, he came to China specially in 2017 and said to Boss Luo: "Jason, sorry that I am bringing you bad news. Our company intends to withdraw the order from FASTPCBA, and does not cooperate with you in the future, but it’s really not your problem, as we have a much crazy president. He intends to increase the tariff on goods imported from China to 35%, leading us no profit. I am especially grateful when I was at university and started my business, I used the knives in the kitchen to assemble the products and sold them. I got considerable profit. In the past few years, my company has developed to more than 50 people. I purchased a building as the headquarters factory, and the schoolmate who assembled the products with me has became my wife. This time, I thank you on behalf of our family. It’s fortunate to cooperate with FASTPCBA. We have more than 70 suppliers all over the world. We put FASTPCBA in the first place because of your technology makes our product quality stable and reliable. At the same time of business success, I also gained love."Boss Luo laughed and said, this is what we should do, besides technology , are there any other merits ?

PCB cooperator

Andy said it’s pretty hard to believe in Chinese for our Americans, but FASTPCBA is different completely. Every time you find quality problems, you always solve them in the first place, instead of shirking your responsibilities. You are very similar to the style of the Knights. Although we will no longer cooperate, we will always be good friends, or we can consider setting up factories in other places, I would like to provide as much help as possible if there is any possibility to keep continuous cooperation.

We are PCB&PCBA manufacturer for 15 years, mainly deal in PCB manufacturing, pcb assembly, pcb functional test, pcb casing package,SMT process. Welcome bring your Gerber file and BOM list to consult with:

Our Advantages:

1. ISO9001ISO13485IATF16949 certificate

2.German Bosch certified suppier

3. 9 testing procedures, 100% functional testing

4. BGA with X-Ray and lead-free assembly

5. No MOQ, proofing even 1 pcs

6. Immersion Gold/Au/Silver,HASL,ASP

7.Doule/Multi-layer,FR4,ceramic,Aluminum,FPC,HDI board,heavy copper board



FASTPCBA 20 years' experience for PCB Assembly.

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