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SMT Production Equipment Introduction

date:2021-12-16 15:26:47

SMT processing is an important production process in electronic processing plants. In SMT processing, many different production and processing equipment are also needed to complete PCBA processing, and some equipment is also needed for PCBA quality inspection and so on. Below, FASTPCBA will give you a brief introduction to some common SMT processing equipment.

1. Solder paste printing machine

Common solder paste printers include manual printers, semi-automatic printers, and fully automatic printers.

The solder paste printer is located at the front end of the SMT processing line, and is also the initial process for the quality and efficiency of the SMT section of electronic product assembly. It is mainly used to evenly coat the tin material on the corresponding pads of the PCB through the steel mesh.

2. Automatic placement machine

There are several common mounters, such as: turret mounter, arch mounter, modular mounter, etc.

The main function of the placement machine is to use a specific method to accurately and quickly place the chip electronic components on the corresponding position on the PCB. It adopts high-tech technologies such as light, electricity, gas, etc., and is a high-precision mechatronics equipment.

3. Reflow oven

The reflow oven is also an important part of the SMT processing equipment. The quality of the reflow soldering will directly affect the soldering quality of the PCBA processing, especially the components of the BGA package have a stricter temperature control for the reflow soldering furnace. Generally, there is a heating circuit in the reflow soldering. After heating the air and nitrogen to a high enough temperature, they are blown onto the PCB board of the mounted component, so that the solder on both sides of the component melts and sticks to the motherboard.

4. AOI detection device

AOI is a kind of production equipment commonly used in electronic processing plants to detect common defects in welding production. In the automatic inspection process, the machine will automatically scan the PCB through the camera, collect images, compare the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database, detect the shortcomings of the PCB through image processing, and display the shortcomings on the display or display.

5. Workpiece dressing machine

Workpiece dressing machines in SMT chip processing are used to dress and deform pin workpieces.

6. Wave soldering

Peak soldering is to make the soldering surface of the motherboard directly contact high-temperature liquid soldering, so as to achieve the purpose of soldering.



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