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Shanghai World Expo 2010 Swiss National Pavilion PCBA designated supplier

date:2018-04-27 16:26:00

Shanghai World Expo 2010 Swiss National Pavilion PCBA designated supplier

The smart curtain of the 2010 Swiss Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo shocked all the visitors. The core components of the PCBA were from FASTPCBA.

The Swiss Pavilion consists of the urban space created by the ground floor exhibition hall and the natural space at the top of the pavilion. The scenic cable car travels between them, giving you an immersive experience of swimming between the city and the countryside. The entire building fully reflects the interdependence and mutual symbiosis between urban and rural areas, emphasizing the perfect balance between humanity, nature and technology.


The periphery of the Swiss Pavilion is a huge curtain. Visitors can enter the city area on the first floor of the hall from any point of the curtain. Each part of the curtain can generate and store energy independently and use it in the form of LED lights. The curtain can react with the energy around the pavilion, such as the solar energy or light energy produced by the camera flash, thus emitting a flash of light. This novel and unique concept is intended to represent the "environmental impact" inside and outside the Swiss Pavilion and to enable visitors to understand these environmental influences.

In the early stages of building this stage, great challenges were posed to all technologies. Especially when producing core electronic components, how to integrate hardware and software perfectly, the engineers searched all over the country, and finally chose PCBA of the state. Long service, customized products for solar-powered lighting outdoor lamps, and as the sole supplier of the designation, the effect of the final Swiss Pavilion is spectacular and smart.

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