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Reasons for PCBA factory to make circuit board impedance

date:2020-07-30 14:00:57

PCB circuit board impedance refers to the parameters of resistance and reactance, which hinders the alternating current. In PCB circuit board production, impedance processing is indispensable. Why should PCBA factory do impedance to the circuit board? The following is a brief introduction from FASTPCBA.

The bottom of the PCB circuit board needs to be plugged and installed with electronic components. After the plug, the conductivity and signal transmission performance must be planned. Therefore, the lower the impedance, the better, and the resistivity should be less than 0.000001 per square centimeter.

In the PCB circuit boards production process, there are also process steps such as immersion copper, electroplating tin, and connector soldering. The materials used in these links must ensure low resistivity, so that the overall impedance of the circuit board can meet the quality requirements of the product. 

The tin plating is the most prone to problems in the entire PCB circuit board manufacturing process, this link has a great impact on impedance. The chemical tin plating layer has a big defect-easy to oxidize or deliquesce, and poor solderability, which makes the PCB circuit board difficult to solder, to high impedance will lead to poor conductivity and unstable performance of the entire board.

There are various signal transmissions in the conductors of the PCB circuit board. When the transmission rate must be increased, the frequency must be increased. If the circuit itself is different due to factors such as etching, stack thickness, and wire width, the impedance value will change, making it signal distorted, which leads to decrease performance of the circuit board, so it is necessary to control the impedance value within a certain range.

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