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The higher the number of PCB layers, the better the performance?

date:2020-10-29 10:09:23

PCB can be seen as a miniature carrier platform and an important carrier for integrated circuits. The emergence of multilayer PCB boards allows more and more complex circuits to be accommodated as much as possible in a limited space. In addition, it also simplifies the circuit layout difficulty on the PCB to a certain extent. Many friends think: The more PCB layers, the better the performance. Is this true?

At present, the most common multilayer PCB boards on the market are 4-layer PCB boards and 6-layer PCB boards. The higher the precision of the product, the higher the requirements for the number of PCB layers. For aerospace equipment, the number of PCB layers can reach hundreds of layers. Not surprising.

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The more PCB layers, the higher the wiring difficulty index, so the production cost is relatively high. But this does not mean that the performance of the high-level PCB is higher than that of the low-level PCB. The high-level PCB is only to allow the electronic circuit to obtain more wiring space, and to ensure the optimal layout of the subtle wiring. The higher the number of PCB layers, the lower the electromagnetic interference between the layers, which reduces the interference between signals and prolongs the service life of the PCB.

The performance of PCB cannot be equated with the number of layers. Simple 4-layer PCB and 6-layer PCB also have excellent performance. In fact, the number of PCB layers is only a rigid requirement for PCB design, not as a criterion for judging the quality of PCB.

Since the PCB is mainly composed of raw materials such as corrugated fiber cloth, resin and copper foil, the material itself has a certain thickness. The higher the number of layers of a multilayer PCB, the more layers of these raw materials are stacked. Therefore, in a certain To a certain extent, the multilayer PCB board has stronger rigidity than the single-layer PCB board.

Due to the different technical capabilities of PCB manufacturers, the total number of components that can be reasonably accommodated on each layer is also different. In theory, within a reasonable range, there is no difference in performance between mounting 100 components on one layer of PCB and dispersing them on two layers of PCB. It's just that the current volume requirements of electronic products are getting smaller and smaller, which requires that under the same performance conditions, the design space becomes smaller and the volume of the PCB is also getting smaller and smaller.


Therefore, to sum up, the higher the number of layers of the multilayer PCB does not mean the better the performance, and the design should be combined with its own use requirements.

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