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What are the inspections for PCB boards before shipment?

date:2021-12-30 15:53:45

In addition to the complicated process of producing PCB, there are many inspections to be done before shipment. What are the specific inspections? Today, FASTPCBA will give you a list:

1. PCB inspection standards:

a. Standards formulated by each country;

b. The military standards of each country;

c. Industrial standards such as SJ/T10309;

d. PCB inspection operation instructions formulated by the equipment supplier;

e. Technical requirements marked on PCB design drawings.

2. Basic inspection

Sheet information: type, finished plate thickness, outer copper foil, inner copper foil, warpage, ink, color, position, marking, minimum line width, line spacing, ring width, solder mask, surface treatment, special process , Test items, film, etc.

3. Electrical performance test report

* Test category: single-sided, general-purpose, special-purpose, test points.

* Test parameters: current, voltage, on-resistance, insulation voltage, etc.

4. Metallographic section analysis report

Copper thickness, nickel thickness, gold thickness, lead tin thickness, circuit copper thickness, roughness, etching factor, plating cracks, resin shrinkage, plating voids, delamination, etc.

5. Impedance test, etc.

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