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How many ways are there for PCB assembly?

date:2021-04-29 15:40:12

PCBA processing is to form a finished electronic product after a complete set of processing processes such as PCB boarding, SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, quality inspection, testing, and assembly. This processing process is called PCBA processing, and PCBA can also be said to be this The processed circuit board. There are many kinds of PCBA, and there are several ways of assembling PCBA processing. The following professional PCBA factory FASTPCBA will give you a brief introduction to some assembly methods.

1. Single-sided mixed

The circuit board used for assembly is a single-sided PCB. Single-sided hybrid assembly means that SMT patch and DIP plug-in components are distributed on different sides of the PCB. The soldering surface is a single side, and the patch surface is the other single side. This type of assembly method uses single-sided PCB and wave soldering process. There are two specific assembly methods:

1.1. Paste first, then insert: first mount SMC/SMD on the B side of the PCB, and then insert THC on the A side.

1.2. Insert first, then paste: firstly insert THC on the A side of the PCB, and then mount the SMD on the B side.

2. Double-sided mixed

The circuit board used in the assembly of this PCBA processing is a double-sided PCB. SMT patches and DIP plug-ins can be mixed and distributed on the same side or both sides of the PCB. In this type of assembly, there is also a difference between first and second SMC/SMD. Generally, it is reasonable to choose according to the type of SMC/SMD and the size of PCB. There are two commonly used assembly methods for this type:

2.1. SMT components and DIP components are on the same side: SMT chip components and DIP plug-in components are on the same side of the PCB; DIP plug-in components are on one or both sides. Generally, DIP is plug-in after SMC/SMD is attached first.

2.2. DIP components have SMT components on one side and on both sides: put the surface mount integrated chip (SMIC) and THT on the A side of the PCB, and put the SMC and the small outline transistor (SOT) on the B side.

3. Full surface assembly

All circuit boards assembled by this kind of PCBA processing are single-sided and double-sided PCBs. There are only SMT components on the PCB and no THT components. As the current components have not yet fully realized SMT, there are not many such assembly forms in practical applications. There are two ways to assemble this type:

3.1. Single-sided surface assembly.

3.2. Double-sided surface assembly.

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