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PCB assembly factory service applied to multiple industries

date:2019-05-22 10:02:00

PCB assembly factory service applied to multiple industries

The scope of services includes: industrial control, medical and health, communication modules, electrical and electronic, automotive electronics, 3D laser, security monitoring and so on.

Which industries does FASTPCBA service apply to?

The scope of services includes:

1. Industrial control : FASTPCBA electronics provides components and SMT processing services for Longxin No.3

2.Medical and health: FASTPCBA provides PCBA one-stop processing services for medium and high-end medical equipment customers

3.Communication module: FASTPCBA provide PCBA one-stop service for the communication electronics industry customers(smart wireless communication management module)

4.Electrical and electrical: FASTPCBA provide PCBA processing one-stop service for the electrical industry customers(intelligent correction equipment)

5.Automotive electronics: FASTPCBA provides PCBA one-stop service for Shanghai XXX automobile

6.3D laser:  FASTPCBA provides PCBA one-stop service for 3D laser (industrial nanosecond laser)

7.Security monitoring.: FASTPCBA Electronics provides SMT processing services for security industry equipment

8.Smart home: FASTPCBA provides one-stop service for PCBA processing for visual power

FASTPCBA serves customers in various industries such as automotive electronics, medical electronics, power communication, industrial automation and smart home. It is a one-stop service provider for PCB manufacturing, electronic component acquisition, SMT processing and test assembly.Professional engineering teams and mature supply chain supporting provide reliable guarantees for the rapid realization of customer products. FASTPCBA have served more than 500 customers among more than 30 countries around the world.



FASTPCBA 20 years' experience for PCB Assembly.


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