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Precautions when pcba splits the board

date:2021-07-15 15:36:03

Due to the relatively small size of some PCB boards, the PCB boards are often made into a splicing method. After the PCBA assembly processing is completed, the PCBA splicing boards need to be separated. The separation method is mainly divided into manual and machine separation. During the separation process, some matters need to be paid attention to to prevent damage to the intact PCBA board.

PCBA sub-board

Requirements for manual sub-board

When folding the edge of the board, you must hold the bottom edge of the PCBA board with both hands, and place it less than 20mm above the V-cut to avoid bending deformation, PCBA electrical circuits and parts, and damage to the tin channel.

Requirements for machine sub-board

1. Stable support point

If there is no support, the force generated when dividing the PCBA board may damage the substrate and the solder joints. Distortion of the board, or during the assembly process, may cause hidden or obvious defects.

2. Wear protective gear

Before operating, you must be prepared for protection, and you need to install high-frequency eye-protection lighting devices to protect the safety of operators. It is best to bring a pair of eyes to protect your eyes.

3. Wipe the machine spindle and cutters with alcohol frequently to remove the PCB dust generated during the splitting process and maintain the normal operation of the splitting machine.

4. After the equipment has been operated for a certain number of times, lubricate the sliding rods and bearings of the splitter and check whether the screws are loose.

5. In the process of using the machine, the work surface should be kept clean, and it is best not to place other things, to avoid the damage of the tool and the damage caused by the thing falling on the tool. Although there are electric eyes for maintenance, it is still necessary to pay attention to a certain safe distance between the fingers and the tool during the use process.

Generally speaking, when PCBA splits the board, the machine splitting is more efficient and the damage rate is lower than the manual splitting. However, when the machine splits the board, it must be operated strictly in accordance with the process to reduce human errors.



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