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PCBA solder mask is very important, what are the bad designs?

date:2020-09-02 17:47:22

Solder mask is a very important coating material in PCBA's work and material processing. It can provide dielectric and mechanical shielding for the PCBA board during the PCBA soldering process and after soldering, and prevent the deposition of solder at this location. Generally, there are two types of solder films commonly used in the processing of electronic processing plants, liquid and dry film.

Solder mask is very important in PCBA processing and SMT patch processing. Its main function is to protect the circuit board, prevent the conductor from getting tinned, prevent short circuits caused by moisture and other reasons, and prevent unqualified contacts during processing. The open circuit caused by the method, and it is one of the reasons to ensure that the PCBA board can be used normally in harsh environments. The following briefly introduces the poor solder mask design in PCBA processing:

1. Connect the pad and the through hole. In principle, the wires between the mounting pads and the vias should be solder resist.

2. The solder mask design between the pad and the pad, the solder mask pattern specification should be in line with the specific component solder end distribution design: between the pad and the pad, if the window type solder resist is used between the pads during welding Short circuit, the pad and the pad are designed as a pin independent solder resist method, and there will be no short circuit between the pads during soldering.

3. Improper size of the solder resist pattern of the components, too large solder resist pattern design, will "mask" each other, resulting in no solder resist, so that the component spacing is too small.

4. There are vias under the components without solder mask, and there is no solder mask under the components. The solder on the vias after wave soldering may affect the reliability of IC soldering, and may also cause short circuits in the components, etc.

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