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What certifications are required for PCBA processing?

date:2021-07-08 16:05:52

The most common qualification certification in life is ISO9001. Why do you often hear in advertisements that this product has passed the ISO9001 quality inspection certification? What certifications do we need to obtain as PCBA processing or what certifications our customers need? ? Today FASTPCBA will share with you.


First of all, electronic products have the most basic qualification certification requirement, that is, ISO9001, which is a basic standard requirement of the country for the electronic processing industry. First of all, only the relevant certification has been obtained, indicating that your product is at least in the most basic stage. The country is recognized Yes, this certification includes basic environmental, technological, and process issues.

So for special customer groups, SMT patch processing plants need to obtain the corresponding qualification certification to be able to get the production of this product, such as medical, automotive, military, and aerospace boards. The first is medical electronics. Because medical electronics is related to human life safety, some Class 3 medical equipment enters the human body, so the requirements for products are higher, and the requirements for manufacturers are higher. First, document control, record control, Training, infrastructure maintenance, working environment, risk management and control, etc., these are the requirements of ISO13485 medical qualification certification for manufacturers.

In summary, medical electronic PCBA and automotive electronic PCBA must meet the above certification content, and only after certification by a nationally designated institution can they produce medical electronic and automotive electronic products.

Military electronic products are another order of magnitude. The certification process and certification standards of military products are more stringent, and military products that have been made are required as a reference for certification. After the primary pass, there are confidentiality, military representative audits, and national weapons and equipment quality management system certification (PCB Denso) and (PCB assembly) There are very few companies with materials, which shows the difficulty. But only if you pass the certification can you enter the relevant industry.

Qualification certification is the stepping stone and key to entering related industries. If you want to do it, you must have it. The above is FASTPCBA to share with you the consultation on the qualification certification of the electronic processing industry. I hope it will be helpful to you!



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