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What is OEM PCBA? What are the types?

date:2020-10-21 15:42:14

1. What is OEM PCBA?

Simply put OEM PCBA refers to the service of providing PCB boards, electronic components purchasing and PCBA processing.

In detail, OEM PCBA refers to the provision of a complete set of PCBA processing services from electronic program design, electronic product development to material purchasing, prototype testing, and later batch production.

2. What types of OEM PCBA are there?

2.1. Technology-led

Mainly focus on electronic program development (either forward or reverse) and electronic product design. The company focuses on the research and development of electronic products, and can also provide small and medium batch PCBA processing and corresponding material purchasing.

2.2. Processing-oriented

The company has several SMT chip processing production lines, which can provide efficient electronic product processing services. However, fewer resources are provided for product development, and customers are generally required to provide relevant technical documents for processing.

3. If you have relevant PCB files and only need subsequent PCBA processing and production, how to choose an OEM PCBA manufacturer?

This needs to be based on its own needs, such as the processing of some high-volume consumer, security, LED lighting and other electronic products, usually choosing factories that have greater advantages in production capacity and prices. For example, some professional industrial control electronic motherboards, instrumentation control systems, automotive equipment control panels, medical equipment, military industry, aerospace equipment, etc., should choose OEM PCBA factories with rich experience in technical processing and complete certification, with greater quality Advantage.

FASTPCBA Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional PCB PCBA manufacturer in China, Shenzhen. With 20 years of development, FASPCBA turns into a first class manufacturer of PCB and PCB Assembly.

FASTPCBA has ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949 quality management system standard and customized CE, UL, FCC and other product certifications according to the customer's requirements.

We will continue to improve our quality and service; customer satisfaction and development of science and technology are our eternal motivation.

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