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FASTPCBA provides PCBA one-stop services for Microlight

date:2018-04-27 16:53:00

FASTPCBA provides PCBA one-stop services for Microlight

Zhongke Microlight is a manufacturer of high-end endoscopic medical imaging equipment in China. Since 2013, it has provided PCBA one-stop service for China Microlight.

Zhongke Weiguang is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and service of biomedical optical imaging systems under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has over 10 years of technical accumulation in the field of optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology and has more than 30 patented technologies in the field of ultra microscopic endoscopic optics and infrared bioimaging. The company's products cover two major areas of care imaging and intracardiac imaging, including infrared vascular imagers, endoscopic OCT systems, and cardiovascular OCT. China Branch Micro-optical Infrared Blood Vessel Imager has a domestic market share of 70%, ranking first, and is also exported to Austria, Russia, Hungary, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

FASTPCBA provides PCBA one-stop services for Microlight

The cardiovascular endoscopic scan OCT produced by Zhongke Microlight Co., Ltd. has been highly praised by General Secretary Xi for solving the problems of cardiovascular stent abuse and postoperative restenosis. In February 2015, when Xi studied the industrial innovation in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, he visited the booth of China Microlight Corporation and heard that “projection-type infrared blood vessel imager is known as the “needle stitch artifact”, as long as the arm is placed on the blood vessel imager. Underneath, when the switch was turned on, and the blood vessels could be clearly seen, General Secretary Xi also managed to reach under the instrument with a lot of interest, and nodded.

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