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How to choose an excellent PCBA factory

date:2020-07-24 17:39:57

Nowadays, there are so many dazzling PCBA factories on the market, how should you choose an excellent PCBA factory? FASTPCBA will introduce from the following aspects to let you understand the characteristics of an excellent PCBA factory.

1. The specialization degree of the factory
PCBA prototype seems simple, but it is actually a complicated process. It requires coordination and cooperation between various departments of the PCB factory. From the factory's specialization degree, we can analyze whether this factory has a high degree of product processing capabilities.

2. Professional equipment.
The equipment required in the PCBA processing and production process are very professional, such as high-speed placement machines, reflow soldering in multiple temperature zones, AOI detectors, ICT online testers and other equipment, which are the basis for ensuring efficient production.

3. Professional process management
PCBA quick prototype not only requires professional equipment, but also requires professional process management to control the quality. Generally speaking, excellent PCBA factories will pass the ISO9001 quality management system, IPC-A-610E electronic assembly acceptance standards and other professional certifications, and whether there are SOP job operation instructions and other specifications to guide employees' work operations. By inspecting the factory's documentation and qualifications, we can know the strength of factory quality control.

4.Service awareness
When a customer encounters a problem, a PCBA factory with excellent service awareness will take the initiative to take responsibility and respond quickly to solve the problem for the customer. Therefore, the service awareness of a PCBA factory is very important. The PCBA factory's service awareness can be reflected by the company's corporate culture and business personnel's attitude towards customers.

5. Industry experience
The current PCBA industry is like a mighty wavecrashing on a sandy shore, and some poorly-operated PCBA prototype manufacturers are gradually weeded out. Having years of industry experience can reflect the strength of a PCBA manufacturer in a sense. Then it also depends on which level and in which field the product is made, and judges whether it matches with itself by various factors, and the pcb manufacturer that suits you is the best.


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