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The state of the Automotive PCB market in 2020

date:2020-10-13 16:50:30

As the mother of electronic products, PCBs are mainly used in automotive functional systems such as electric control, assisted driving, and in-vehicle communication. For new energy vehicles, it also includes assisted driving and even ADAS (advanced driving assistance system), which is more electronic.

5 Application areas of Automotive PCB



Performance requirements

Comfortable driving

Electric windows, air conditioning control, seat adjustment, etc.


Life system

Engine, brake, gear box, ABS (anti-lock brake system), etc.

The highest safety level

Assisted driving

Automotive radar and sensors

Suitable for RF environment

In-vehicle communication

Car T-Box or OBD


New Energy Vehicle

Power and cooling system

High thermal conductivity

The increase in value comes from two aspects: on the one hand, the PCB area of bicycles is getting larger and larger. In 2018, the PCB consumption of bicycles is 1 square meter, and it is expected to reach 3 square meters in the future, which will increase the space by 2 times; on the other hand, with ADAS (advanced assisted driving ) With the increase in penetration rate, the shipment of millimeter-wave radar, the core component of ADAS, is expected to increase. High-frequency PCB has become the main substrate of millimeter-wave radar due to its stable performance. It is more expensive than ordinary PCB, and its proportion of PCB in bicycles is increasing. The unit price of PCB of the whole vehicle will increase.

With its massive user scale, automobiles are expected to become the next-generation human-computer interaction portal. Mainstream manufacturers have launched new energy vehicles one after another, forming an important industry trend. In 2019, global new energy sales are expected to reach 2.6 million vehicles, with a sales penetration rate of 2.8%, and there is huge room for penetration.

2017-2021 global car sales and new energy sales proportion forecast


As the sales of new energy vehicles are growing faster than pure fuel vehicles, their proportion of overall vehicle sales is expected to increase, driving the volume and price of the Automotive PCB market to rise. In terms of categories, the annual output value of the PCB market for new energy vehicles from 2019 to 2021 is in the range of 10-17 billion yuan, fuel vehicles are in the range of 44-46 billion yuan, and the overall value is in the range of 56-63 billion yuan.

2018-2021 New Energy Automotive PCB Market Space and Forecast


2018-2021 pure fuel Automotive PCB market space and forecast




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