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Will the exported PCB board carry coronavirus?

date:2020-03-20 10:20:05

Will the exported PCB board carry coronavirus?

Europe, the United States, and Australia etc. are the main markets for FASTPCBA. At present, the epidemic is at a high step. Demand for imported PCB boards has not stopped, but customers are very concerned about whether PCB boards made in China carry viruses.

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The prosperity of the global economy depends on the exchange of trade and technology  communication between countries. In the first half of 2020, affected by the new type of coronavirus, the world was trapped in anxiety over life. Successive closure policies temporarily suspended economic exchanges.

Economic prosperity promotes social stability. China’s coronavirus disease has basically stabilized . At present, China has entered a safe production mode in an orderly manner.

According to experts, the maximum time that the virus can survive under the proper temperature and humidity is 5 days. And the PCB boards that we export are all subjected to high temperature reflow soldering, some of them have been painted with three anti-paints, and are packed with anti-static bags, pearl cotton, etc., which have complete moisture resistance;

If by sea need at least 7-15 days, the virus has completely died. Therefore, all PCB board importing countries do not have to worry about the problem of pcb board carry virus.

It is hoped that this time, China ’s successful measures to control the epidemic will serve as a model for countries around the world and follow points below keep you staying away from the virus effectively:

1. Wash your face and hands frequently and wear a mask;

2.Avoid crowds or strangers

3. Avoid group dinners or large scale gatherings, etc.

4. Properly exercise indoors and supplement enough nutrition

5. Enterprise production must ensure safety, standardization, and work in shifts

China is the largest developing country with a sense of mission. At the moment of the epidemic, we are willing to spare no effort to help and guide countries around the world to overcome difficulties and restore the prosperity of the world economy and PCB industry as soon as possible.



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