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Why say FASTPCBA is a responsible pcb manufacturer?

date:2020-04-20 14:38:03

Why say FASTPCBA is a responsible pcb manufacturer?

In the early summer of 2014, colleagues at the front end of the FASTPCBA market received an overseas inquiry.

This is an inquiry from the United States. After receiving the inquiry, FASTPCBA's sales quickly sorted out the front-end information and transferred it to the engineering department. Because the customer repeatedly mentioned that the delivery is urgent, FASTPCBA confirmed the correctness of the demand information by email and phone, and immediately conducted a project review and returned the quotation to the customer in the fastest time. According to customer feedback, our work efficiency is three times faster than that of other PCB manufacturers. Since then, we have established long-term and stable cooperation with this customer.

Why say FASTPCBA is a responsible pcb manufacturer?

PCB manufacturing and assembly is a very complicated process. After receiving the pcb products for a period of time, the customer mentioned that a small number of PCB products had malfunctioned, so they were very anxious and angry. As soon as FASTPCBA received feedback from customers, the company-wide QA, warehouse, procurement, SMT, and DIP lines immediately traced to the ERP system for self-inspection, and finally through data comparison testing, it was found that the problem was concentrated on a BGA. The fact is that these batches of BGA purchased in Sweden are counterfeit. When we contacted this component supplier, all contact information was interrupted. Although it is not possible to obtain compensation from component suppliers, we must be responsible for each PCBA from FASTPCBA.

In consultation with customers, we learned that the customer is a PCB company in an entrepreneurship, and the delivery period signed with their customers is left less than a week. If the delivery is postponed, the consequences will be no different from bankruptcy.

The FASTPCA leadership immediately dispatched engineers to the US to repair PCBs for customers. Fortunately, the customer shipped to his important cooperative customers on time and obtained stable and large orders these years. After that, the customer especially went to FASTPCBA Shenzhen Yulu Factory to express his sincere thanks and show that his company has grown strong and become large scale.

FASTPCBA's service-oriented, customer-oriented attitude, treat any customer is the same. Our development benefits from quality-oriented and better customer service, we will adhere to the original intention in order to do better.



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