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What PCBA processing plant need to do after resuming work

date:2020-02-11 15:22:39

What PCBA processing plant need to do after resuming work

If there is the "Best Accident of the Year" in 2020, I think it is the devil of new crown pneumonia. At present, thanks to the hard work of medical workers and strict prevention across the country, the eradication of the epidemic situation is just around the corner. However, the current epidemic prevention and control is still severe, and we cannot afford to be half-hearted. FASTPCBA is also excited and worried about the resumption of work. On the one hand, it is an urgent service concept guide for customers, and on the other hand, it is driven by a people-oriented vision. So how can PCBA processing plants guarantee the delivery and quality of SMT processing under the influence of the current epidemic? So what measures will be taken after the PCBA processing factory resumes work? Let s analyze it with you:


One: comprehensive killing and personal protection

1. In the face of viruses that can be infected through air and aerosols, droplets, etc., what we can do is prevent in advance, then we need to disinfect each area of the factory, not to miss every dead end, and periodically disinfect . The other is to train and supervise the personal protection of all employees to ensure the environmental safety among the company.

2. Actively cooperate with employees in the community and parks for information registration and reporting, firmly establish awareness of epidemic prevention, and do a good job of social responsibility that an SMT processing plant should fulfill. Employee protection measures were implemented in accordance with the personal protection guidance for Shenzhen enterprise resumption.

Two: preliminary preparation for production

1. Actively arrange to connect with relevant external service providers, determine the resumption time and production plan of PCB circuit boards, SMT components, etc. to ensure the smooth delivery of orders

2. Actively coordinate with colleagues in all departments to overcome the inconvenience caused by the epidemic situation, overcome difficulties, go hand in hand, overcome the difficulties, provide customers with high quality services, and keep product quality control.

Three: Production order and delivery

1. For those which have completed production and undelivered, they must be shipped in accordance with the process, and a batch should be cleared to ensure the timely delivery of the customer's products.

2. According to the current situation of the supplier, the new order should arrange the BOM information of the SMT chip and coordinate the purchase, production, and warehouse to arrange production in time.

Under the current epidemic, it is believed that the resumption status of each enterprise is different, and each enterprise faces different practical problems. The above is the relevant information about resumption of work provided by FASTPCBA, I hope it will be helpful to you.



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