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The future of PCB assembly for medical prevention and control equipment

date:2020-03-27 11:35:18

The future of PCB assembly for medical prevention and control equipment

Major economic and disaster changes can always cause people to deeply reflect and foresee the future. There is no doubt that the future medical prevention and control equipment PCB market is broad. Just as Ma Yun once predicted the future world, the most precious are clean air, water, and healthy food.

The future of PCB assembly for medical prevention and control equipment

Human civilization and development have accumulated tens of millions of years of human hard work and wisdom. From the primitive social life, to the drilling of wood for fire, the era of farming, to the rise of the industrial age, we have gradually moved towards modernization, technology, and electronics. Looking at the core technology level of all industries, PCB assembly technology plays a pivotal role.

Especially in 2020, the coronavirus storm will seriously hurt the world economy and life and health, but also bring new business opportunities and vision for enterprises or capitalists. Many speculators have begun to resell prevention and control equipment and its additional products. As a PCBA factory with 15 years of experience, the pcb manufacture and assembly of medical prevention and control equipment must meet the following conditions:

1. Only PCB factories with ISO9001, 13485 national medical qualifications can conduct large-scale production of medical PCBs;

2. Have independent export capabilities

3.Strictly implement the 7S pcb factory, and have masks, medical alcohol, and disinfectant liquid reserves during the pcb production; PCB factory for safe production control throughout the process

4.SMT, PCB assembly technology is skilled, precision manufacturing PCB manufacturer, and has medical device PCB project experience

It is true that FASTPCBA actively provides PCB production support for medical equipment enterprises for epidemic prevention and control, and actively participates in epidemic prevention and control and fulfills social responsibilities.



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