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Pcb manufacturers’ opportunities and challenges during COVID-19

date:2020-04-01 15:22:09

Pcb manufacturers opportunities and challenges during COVID-19

Recently, the number of cases of coronavirus in countries outside China has increased at an alarming rate, and the number of diagnoses currently exceeds 71W. The epidemic brought panic to the people of the world, and also plunged PCB manufacturers into opportunities and challenges.

Pcb manufacturers’ opportunities and challenges during COVID-19

I still remember that during the 2020 Spring Festival, countless mask factories recalled production workers to meet the demand for masks for the epidemic; at the same time, medical alcohol, ventilator, forehead gun, human detector, and various medical equipment were in short supply. As a foresighted PCB manufacturer, we know that many opportunities are ahead.

1. The focus of PCB enterprise development should shift to the manufacturing and assembly of medical PCB products

2. In addition to processing, PCB manufacturers should start a one-stop service for manufacturing and assembling hot-selling medical and epidemic prevention products.

3. The manufacturing and assembly of PCBs for health care, fitness, and health equipment is also very promising

4. Based on the service limitation that turnkey PCB assembly can only be performed after the customer provides the files, pcb manufacturers should try to cultivate PCB R & D and design capabilities, and pave the way for OEM to ODM transformation

With this opportunity, PCB manufacturers face many challenges.

1. In the past, the foreign PCB market share accounted for a large proportion of corporate orders. Under the epidemic, the source of foreign orders plummeted, and PCB manufacturers were almost facing a crisis of survival;

2. ISO9001, 13485 medical certification and rich PCB assembly experience are the basis, FASTPCBA has obtained this qualification

3.Upstream supply chain drives up prices of some materials, causing PCB manufacturers to face a dilemma

4. The economy under the crown has been hit hard, and many electronic material suppliers have been eliminated, resulting in a certain impact on the delivery time.

How should FASTPCBA overcome challenges and gain opportunities? First, it is necessary to stabilize the domestic market and maintain the foreign market share as much as possible; then, strengthen the company's production quality management and manufacture high-quality PCBA that meets the system standards; second, strengthen the connection with the supply chain and master sufficient resources to prepare for it once need, keep the funds flowing smoothly and ensure timely delivery.

FASTPCBA sincerely hopes to work together with compatriots from all over the world to overcome the difficulties. When the global epidemic is over, you and I will meet at the FASTPCBA factory, or have a drink and talk about life, or barbecue, beach, beer, fireworks, everything is up to you.



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