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PCB manufacturing and assembly technology development

date:2020-04-15 15:48:40

PCB manufacturing and assembly technology development

At present, the representative PCB manufacturing is high-density interconnection (HDI) technology, and more than 40% of mobile phone circuit boards use fully laminated HDI technology (also known as arbitrary layer micro-blind hole technology). It is a multi-layer board with blind holes and buried holes, aperture ≤∅0.10mm, aperture ring width≤0.25mm, wire width and spacing 0.1mm or less, laminated thin high-density interconnection. In addition, printed circuit board manufacturing technology further integrates PCB manufacturing and assembly technologies, such as buried copper / embedded copper, embedded components, etc. These technologies have more applications in communication products. The current world advanced level has reached 30-50 layers.

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PCB assembly technology development

The development direction of PCB assembly technology, one is lead-free; another is high-precision assembly; the other is flexible.

The overall demand of the current customer group is the intelligentization and miniaturization of products. In the future, humans may be the carriers of these devices, coexisting with high-tech intelligent devices, and there is no external portable equipment, so the most fundamental demand for electronic products is health and operability.

Therefore, the current lead and poisonous products that are prevalent in the processing of electronic products must not meet the future development requirements. Then, to achieve the requirements of miniaturization, it is necessary to continuously reduce the volume of existing components. With flexible product development as the main direction, it is convenient and foldable, not only does not occupy space but also withstands repeated bending.

The direction of PCB development will depend on market demand and the evolution and maturity of PCB manufacturing and assembly technologies. The development of any new thing or new technology is gradually matured by bursting, experimenting and adjusting under strong demand or forward thinking.



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