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PCB makers’ transformation path under coronavirus

date:2020-03-25 14:00:39

PCB makers transformation path under coronavirus

The coronavirus in 2020 has lasted for more than three months. At present, China has stabilized the epidemic, but it is the outbreak period abroad. The global economy is affected by the epidemic. Many companies have stopped production. As a pcb maker in China, where is our road to transformation?

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For 15 years, FASTPCBA has been known as a PCBA processing plant. However, in recent years, different scale and standard pcb makers in China have come one after another. They have introduced foreign precision SMT / reflow soldering / inspection machines, and increased the technical training of machine operators and cost control . The high-end PCB maker's prospective customer group is automotive, medical, industrial control, smart home, Internet of Things and other customers in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

It is true that the economies of Europe and the United States are deeply wounded by the epidemic, and the PCBA industry cannot escape it. China's pcb maker has temporarily lost the strong demand in the European and American markets and should seek a new long-term survival path.

Quality is fundamental, and building your own brand is also important. In the event of a major disaster, humans are more concerned about: 1. life safety and health; 2. sustainable economic entities. However, building a brand requires a step-by-step process for PCB makers. First, move from OEM to ODM. second step, learn technical experience from the PCB products leaving the factory; third step, focus on developing your own PCB brand; step 4, develop health, life safety PCB additional products, brand extension, diversified development.

In 2020, a short-term market audience shift is also necessary. The epidemic situation abroad is still in the outbreak period, while the domestic epidemic situation is basically stable, and economic production is proceeding steadily. China is a developing country with a large population. It is the current strategy of FASTPCBA to grasp the domestic PCBA demand and do a good job of quality management. At the same time, we will try our best to maintain stable demand for PCB output in foreign markets.

The long-term development of PCB maker is inseparable from the long-term support of customers at domestic and abroad. We hope to work together with customers to profit each other.



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