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PCB factories polarization situation

date:2020-04-11 10:08:20

PCB factories polarization situation

Coronavirus has a major impact on economic development. More than 150W cases have been diagnosed overseas, and countries have gradually adopted the strategy of closing the country and closing the city. The PCB industry has not been spared. At present, the polarization of PCB factories is remarkable. On the one hand, a large number of PCB factories closed down, and on the other hand, PCB factories that were still profitable in the epidemic.

  • PCB factories polarization situation

In 2020, all industries are reshuffling and readjusting. At first glance, it is not surprising, but it is actually an undercurrent. For example, recently, overseas countries such as Europe and the United States have increased the import of necessities such as rice, while China has appropriately restricted the export volume of rice; the United States and other places, due to the cancellation of the rally and the different views and positions of the personnel, the phenomenon of gun storage is very common , leading to a surge in gun sales; the number of diagnoses of 150W, and the blockade strategy, caused many offline industries to fail to operate normally, and many positions have been lost. As the saying goes: The economic foundation determines the superstructure. In the case of insecure life and unstable economic sources, which are bound to cause social unrest.

As far as PCB factories are concerned, many small-scale PCB processing plants are now closed or struggling on the verge of closure. While the medium-sized PCB factories are undergoing a large number of layoffs, salary reductions, retention of backbones and the development of the domestic market, and other measures; there are also some enterprises that are undergoing mergers and integrations. Among them, the most benefited are high-tech large or medium-sized PCB manufacturers with medical qualifications.

Fortunately, FASTPCBA is less affected by the epidemic, and the orders are currently in the saturation stage. When the peers are anxious about without orders, all the staff of FASTPCBA are in a fierce rush to catch the delivery. There are various types of circuit boards that are currently being assembled. Each DIP, SMT, test line and warehouse are divided into two shifts to ensure punctual delivery during the day and night.

FASTPCBA is willing to share the successful experience of management, to help peers overcome difficulties , and occupy a place in PCBA.

1. Strengthen quality control and strive to obtain medical qualifications;

2. The largest possible to meet the original or domestic demand of different mid-to-high-end customers for components

3. Ensure sufficientcapacibility and on-time delivery



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