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PCBA solution for electric vehicle charging pile

date:2020-04-27 13:51:44

PCBA solution for electric vehicle charging pile

When people talk about electric vehicles, the most important consideration is: the stroke range of electric vehicles is not long enough; However, as energy conservation and environmental protection are increasingly valued, charging stations will soon be everywhere like gas stations. FASTPCBA has solved multiple electric vehicle charging pile PCBA projects in recent years and has extensive experience.

1.PCBA solution for electric vehicle charging pile

The data shows that the number of electric vehicles has grown from 500,000 in 2015 to nearly 5 million in 2020. With this trend, charging stations and charging piles will also develop rapidly. The charging pile is similar to a charging station, which converts alternating current into direct current to charge the vehicle's battery. The charging pile can only be converted from alternating current to alternating current, more concerned with diagnosis and monitoring.

And in 2020, encouraged by the new government policy, the charging pile system is developing rapidly. There are 3 levels of electric charging piles, it is important to understand these three levels before charging. Level 1 charging refers to the standard 110VAC outlet in our home. This is the basic AC to DC conversion that powers electric vehicles. However, it takes a long time to charge; the secondary level is residential and commercial charging. The secondary level charging not only transmits at 240V and 30A, but also has an intelligent network. Using intelligent networks, owners of commercial entities can manage charging stations and view reports on how many electric vehicles are charging in the charging station and other functions. Level 3 is a fast DC charging station that can fully charge electric vehicles in half an hour.

So, where does the charging pile work? Although the three-level fast charging is mainly DC, there are also AC versions. What they have in common with the charging pile is less power management (conversion) and more power monitoring, diagnosis and communication, these functions are indispensable for commercial applications. This makes it possible to provide customers with charging stations in commercial places (such as office buildings to quickly charge vehicles to better optimise electricity costs locally and charge appropriate fees for charging owners. Finally, it should be noted that these systems are considered industrial solutions.

The charging pile is accompanied by heat generation during use, and has strict safety requirements. FASTPCBA has been engaged in the charging pile PCBA solution for nearly 3 years, and has obtained ISO9001 and IATF16949 certification and received unanimous praise from domestic and abroad.



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