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How can PCB factories reduce PCB production and assembly costs?

date:2020-06-17 13:52:26

How can PCB factories reduce PCB production and assembly costs?


In recent years, PCB raw materials have continued to rise. As a PCB factory, cost reduction has become a consensus for the survival of PCB manufacturing and assembly companies. How to reduce costs?

Starting from the cost of PCB raw materials and labor costs to reduce costs. PCB factory procurement materials should follow the customer and market-oriented, meet customer needs, and stable cooperation with high-quality suppliers. The control of labor costs in PCB factories is usually to replace labor with machines, and gradually realize the transformation from semi-automation to full automation. The price of PCB raw materials has become transparent. The competition of PCBA assembly factories is actually the competition of PCB process capability and quality. Advanced production equipment, skilled SMT technicians, standardized and customized PCB assembly services are the key elements of customer attention.

The PCB manufacturing process is very complicated, and reasonable control of the PCB production process will effectively control the PCB production cost. JBPCBA has a perfect PMC department, and the materials management and control, scheduling, production planning, delivery and other links are in order. In addition, the rational use of water and electricity is crucial. PCB factories are generally controlled by semi-automation. Machine power consumption and constant temperature and humidity in the SMT workshop produce a lot of consumption every day. It is also important to reduce the scrap rate of PCB assembly.

How to reduce the scrap rate of PCBA manufacturing and assembly?

(1) Enhance the sense of ownership of all employees and attach importance to the quality of PCB assembly.

(2) The quality department should scientific and strictly control the PCB quality

(3) Employee performance is directly linked to the PCBA qualified rate

(4) Senior managers should be familiar with the entire PCBA process and have strong management capabilities

The sustainable development of the PCBA factory is inseparable from the sincere cooperation of all members. The development of JBPCBA for more than 20 years has witnessed the company's cohesion and quality awareness. Customers are welcomed to consult.




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