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date:2020-02-13 15:53:34

FASTPCBAMedical Electronics PCBA Manufacturer

With the continuous spread of the new crown virus that swept through Wuhan, we are facing such a public health crisis and have fears.

So if tomorrow's epidemic is over, we must definitely discuss "how to improve the national emergency management system and improve emergency capacity". As the main service provider of medical electronics PCBA in China, what contribution can PCBA factories make to the construction of this national medical system? This time, FASTPCBA is very happy to share with you the latest news in medical equipment related facilities and our participation in and promotion of the medical electronics industry.

The topic of medical treatment is large, but it can be roughly divided into the following industrial and commercial related forms.

Medical facilities: private hospitals, community hospitals, clinics, mobile hospitals (field or rescue), etc.

Medical equipment: scalpels, masks, bandages, needles, stents, etc.

Medical equipment: CT machine, X-ray machine, MRI, large / small C, ultrasound machine, etc.

Medical electronics: blood pressure monitor, electronic thermometer, blood glucose meter, massager, acupuncture therapy instrument, artificial heart, etc.

Here I just want to talk to you about medical electronics here!

At present, our company has obtained ISO13485 certification for medical electronics. The production and processing of medical electronic PCBA are completely in accordance with the medical electronics production qualifications for quality control and detailed processing, and enjoy a reputation in the medical electronic PCBA processing field at home and abroad. Whether it is the CT machine, X-ray machine, MRI, big / small C, ultrasound machine, sphygmomanometer, electronic thermometer, blood glucose meter, massager, acupuncture instrument, artificial heart, etc. that we mentioned, we need medical PCBA As a PCBA factory, it provides the "heart" for all medical equipment.

In fact, "New Crown Virus is a brand new virus. It is unknown to all countries. What we can do is help each other and learn from each other. Viruses have no national borders. This is a struggle between humans and viruses. China is the battle, China is already doing its best to control the epidemic. The Chinese will surely be able to win this " epidemic" war.



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