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Develop automation to improve PCB manufacturing efficiency

date:2020-05-27 15:44:26

Develop automation to improve PCB manufacturing efficiency

PCB manufacturing factories pay more attention to the intelligence of the "process control" in the early days. This is mainly due to the rapid development of the high-tech PCB industry, which is suitable for application in the more precise circuit board industry. Working in an extremely clean and dust-free environment, the change of "human" may cause the product process to be complicated, so "automation" and even "smart manufacturing" have become the best choice for PCB manufacturers.

  • Develop automation to improve PCB manufacturing efficiency

Smart factories in the PCB manufacturing industry have entered the commonly used automation equipment, information systems and rapid PCB manufacturing. Automated system integration makes manufacturing smarter. The price of raw materials has skyrocketed, but the price of products has not increased due to fierce competition.PCB manufacturers must try to absorb the increased cost burden caused by the increase in raw materials; in addition, the wisdom of PCB manufacturing is also due to the adaptation of PCB productivity and manpower cost solutions. For example, in the early days,Taiwan PCB manufacturers, facing the gradually high labor costs, they turned to the mainland with lower labor costs as the manufacturing base; but in recent years, with the transformation of the mainland economy, labor costs have become burden of the new stage. In addition to the grass-roots labor, the shortage of technical labor in the PCB industry is also in the same dilemma; no matter what region, it has prompted the PCB industry to produce higher expectations for production automation and intelligence.

Human-machine integrated system, manufacturing system assists "human" in analysis, reasoning, judgment, conception and decision-making activities during the manufacturing process. Through the cooperation of human and intelligent machines, the function of the system is extended again, replacing the original Part of the work and brainpower. Changing the "labor-intensive" industry, at present, China's PCB application in electronic information products has entered a stage of steady growth. In addition to the rapid development of the market scale of application of HDI and FPC, with the development of China's automotive industry, the application of automotive electronic PCB products has become a new growth point. The implementation of PCB automated production is not only to overcome the problem of labor shortage, but also an important sign that PCB production large country moving towards power one. The goal of China's PCB industry should be to shift to improve PCB manufacturing productivity. Of course, the most important thing is to achieve PCB industry optimization and structural adjustment.In essence, it is to transform labor-intensive industries into PCB products that increase productivity and high added value. That is, industrial structure upgrade.

Improving the degree of automated production, greatly reducing the number of SMT PCB operators, improving product quality and production efficiency, or reforming the PCB production process and technology to reduce production costs, Automating the production of PCB manufacturing that requires labor-intensive and large quantities is the fundamental way out of solving China's major PCB production country, and it is also the road of China's PCB industry from a big country to a powerful country.Automation improves the efficiency of PCB factory manufacturing. As PCB production is automated, it can significantly reduce the number of operators required, and it is also a way to achieve labor-intensive to technical type. The use of automated production can improve the pass rate and quality of PCB products.

To realize automated production, of course, investment is required. Automation will greatly reduce the operating costs of PCB manufacturing factory and improve economic efficiency. In addition, in the actual PCB manufacturing process, after the automatic retractable board is realized, the quality of PCB products is improved and the scrap rate is greatly reduced. China's PCB automation is developing rapidly. Driven by foreign PCB manufacturers, the domestic PCB industry has developed rapidly. PCB manufacturing equipment, as the manufacturing process and technology provider of PCB products, its automation and technical level determine the quality and level of PCB products. FASTPCBA imports high-end PCB manufacturing sophisticated equipment from Europe, America and Japan to basically realize automate PCB production. PCBs with smaller line widths and spacing can be manufactured, and the stability of the products is greatly improved.



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