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Communication circuit module IoT base station PCB

date:2020-05-11 16:00:51

  • Communication circuit module IoT base station PCB

This article relates to communication circuit modules and Internet of Things base stations. At present, for the communication circuit used by the base station in data transmission, each device in the communication circuit is usually set on the same PCB circuit board.If one of the channels fails, you need to replace the entire PCB circuit board. It is not easy to maintain and increases the cost of PCB products.

  • Communication circuit module IoT base station PCB 

In view of this, a communication circuit module and an Internet of Things base station system are provided to solve the problem because the circuit is set on the same PCB circuit board and one path fails, the entire PCB circuit board needs to be replaced, which is not easy to maintain and improve. The specific project is as follows:


Communication circuit module, including: communication interface, main control unit, transceiver circuit, the communication interface includes: SPI interface, 12C interface and universal asynchronous transceiver UART interface, the SPI interface and 12c interface are used to connect with the control module of the base station, it is used to process the data sent by the received communication interface or the data sent by the transceiver circuit and send it out to improve the receiving sensitivity. This solution realizes the problem by modularizing the devices in the circuit.It only needs to replace the module without replacing the entire PCB circuit board; it is easy to maintain and saves costs; in addition, the communication interface includes not only the connection with the base station but also an interface connected to the terminal node, which realizes the compatibility of the communication circuit between the node and the base station.






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