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Ciruit board industry status

date:2020-03-23 10:46:07

Ciruit board industry status

Because the production of circuit boards is in the second half of the manufacture of electronic equipment, it is called the downstream industry of the electronics industry. Almost all electronic equipment needs the support of circuit boards, so circuit boards are the products with the highest market share in electronic component products worldwide. Currently, Japan, China, Taiwan, Western Europe and the United States are the main circuit board manufacturing bases.

Ciruit board industry status

Benefiting from the support of new terminal products and new markets, the global PCB market has successfully recovered and grown. According to the analysis data and the released report, the changes in the PCB application structure and product structure reflect the future development trend of the industry. In recent years, with the decline in the output value of single / double sided and multilayer boards, the increase in the output value of HDI boards, package carrier boards, and flexible boards indicates that the growth in applications such as computer motherboards, communication backplanes, and automotive pcb has been slow, and applications HDI boards, packaging boards and flexible boards for high-end mobile phones, notebook computers and other "light, thin and short" electronic products will also maintain rapid growth.

Japan, North America

Affected by the supply of some PCB raw materials, it’s conducive to the transfer of production capacity to Taiwan and Mainland China during the medium and long-term.

High-end PCB manufacturers accelerate the expansion of production in the mainland, and technology, capacity and orders are shifting to the mainland.

Transfer to China

China's circuit board industry will enter a period of rapid growth under the situation of domestic sales growth and continuous shift of global production capacity.



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