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China Intelligent Transportation Development Status

date:2020-06-05 18:11:54

  • China Intelligent Transportation Development Status

Intelligent transportation is the product of the development of productivity and social transformation. In today's information society, information-intensive production forms correspond to comprehensive transportation and personalized transportation needs. After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, urbanization and automobile development have accelerated the rapid development of intelligent transportation. Modern high technology connects traffic demand with vehicles and roads to systematically solve traffic problems. This has become the core idea and development trend of intelligent transportation.

Intelligent transportation system (ITS for short) refers to the effective integration of advanced intelligent monitoring technology, communication technology, control technology, sensor technology, computer and network and system comprehensive technology into the entire transportation management system, establishing a real-time, accurate and efficient transportation comprehensive management and control system with all-round functions within the scope.

Issues to be solved for intelligent transportation: alleviating road pressure, reducing accident rates, improving public transportation services, and saving energy and reducing carbon. The goal and main content of intelligent  transportation construction is to establish an all-round, real-time accurate and efficient intelligent transportation system to achieve the goals of ensuring safety, improving efficiency, improving environment and saving energy. Intelligent transportation is based on a digital highway geographic information system and uses visual monitoring and intelligent monitoring as the main means.It is important for expressways, national and provincial trunk roads, large bridges, toll stations, and other passenger and freight hubs in the region. Road sections and stations are monitored 24/7, real-time monitoring of road construction, smooth conditions and various necessary traffic information such as vehicle speed, traffic flow, meteorological information, vehicle type classification, vehicle load, bridge safety and deterioration, so as to reasonably distribute road traffic

"Intelligent transportation" is the use of modern scientific and technological means to achieve harmonious relationship between people, vehicles, roads and the environment, making transportation development more modern, better energy saving, reducing environmental pollution, improving traffic order and traffic environment of brand-new transportation development form, which is the integration of multiple intelligent transportation systems. With the strong support and promotion of the country, the development of intelligent transportation in domestic cities is relatively fast. From the monitoring of transportation means to the informatization construction of infrastructure, while increasing the detection of traffic violations, at the same time improve the transportation management capabilities and service levels through informatization means

Intelligent transportation has gradually provided solutions for urban traffic jams. At present, intelligent transportation is in the stage of large-scale construction, such as the integration of Internet of Things technology and information collection, traffic guidance, vehicle identification, cloud computing and information processing, network information security and other key core technologies yet to be developed and breakthroughs. The unity and compatibility of intelligent transportation products, as well as the maintenance and rebuilding costs of system operation, need to be further increased.

How to accelerate the development of intelligent transportation

(1) Strengthen the top-level design of intelligent transportation. Achieve traffic data sharing, and strengthen mechanism and system improvement and collaboration.

(2) Accelerate the formulation of industry standards related to intelligent transportation. In order to standardize the product market, expand the scale of operations and reduce operating costs and risks, improve quality services

(3) Vigorously develop key technologies for smart transportation.

(4) Regulate the planning and construction of intelligent transportation. Be open, fair and just to ensure the advancement, reliability, low cost and low risk of project construction.

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