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Can the PCB board be exported smoothly under the epidemic?

date:2020-03-30 15:12:10

Can the PCB board be exported smoothly under the epidemic?

The coronavirus that has permeated the world is developing rapidly, and the import and export trade of PCB board has been affected to a certain extent. Both PCB manufacturers and foreign PCB customers are very concerned about whether PCB board can be exported from China smoothly.

At present, Wuhan is also unblocking, and other coastal cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and other PCB manufacturers have gradually entered the normal production track in early February. The negative impact of the epidemic on the economy is obvious. Compared with 2019, PCB demand has a slight downward trend. Analysis shows the following reasons:

1. The epidemic is severe, and the developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Australia have halted work, which has temporarily suspended a large demand for PCBs.

2. Worries about virus and concerns about import and export

3.Some PCB raw material supply chains drive up prices, reducing the price advantage of PCB products in developing countries

In response to the above questions, how does the Chinese government and PCB manufacturers ensure the smooth export of PCB boards?

Initiatives from the government:

1. As the largest developing country, China develops to promote world development. The Chinese government has sent medical teams to various affected countries and a continuous stream of medical substances in an attempt to gradually control foreign epidemics;

2. The Chinese government has increased support for domestic PCB companies, and has intensively introduced a series of measures to enable PCB companies to resume work in an orderly manner, maintain fairness and stability in production capacity and prices;

3. The Ministry of Commerce guides the key areas and concentration zones of the PCB industry chain, and the upstream and downstream industry chains and trade industry chains run smoothly;

4. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport jointly issued policies to provide strong support to import and export companies in terms of customs duties, review of import and export data, and inspection of goods, making PCB board exports easier and faster

Efforts from PCB manufacturers:

1. Maintain sufficient PCB production capacity. 100% FASTPCBA’s employees has resumed work since February. The SMT workshop has a two-shift system to ensure punctual delivery.

2. Stable cooperation with the upstream supply chain of the PCB industry for nearly 20 years to ensure original materials and high quality. Compared with the same quality PCB manufacturing and assembly peer, FASTPCBA's price is more competitive.

The entire factory attaches great importance to safety production, strictly implements measures such as wear mask during production and regular disinfection. The PCBA board exported is safe and reliable.

Undoubtedly, there is no need to worry about the PCB board export issue. You only need to submit the GERBER file + BOM + board parameters, and we will surely deliver you satisfactory PCB manufacturing and assembly products.



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