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COVID-19's reflection on humans

date:2020-04-03 13:55:13

COVID-19's reflection on humans

In the world's peaceful and modern social environment, the ultimate pursuit of humanity is more free, freewheeling, and high-quality life. Once pursued economic prosperity, vigorously developed industry, vigorously logging and mining, although economic development has made rapid progress, it has led to ecological imbalances, environmental damage, and various diseases.

COVID-19's reflection on humans

The origin of Covid-19 has not been determined, but it has something to do with human production activities and eating habits. At present, there are nearly one million patients diagnosed abroad, the number is alarming enough. The damage caused by the new coronavirus is comparable to or over that of the Second World War. As a member of the Chinese who has just stabilized the epidemic, I have a responsibility to share the epidemic knowledge with my compatriots abroad:

The virus is mainly transmitted through saliva. First, it is recommended that people keep social distance and wear masks to protect themselves and others. Second, to prevent asymptomatic people from spreading the disease, it is necessary to take a regular temperature measurement and do nucleic acid testing. Third, in case of fever, cough, fatigue, diarrhea, etc., report it in time and conduct isolation and observation to avoid cross-infection (if the medical bed is not enough, do home isolation firstly); Fourth. avoid crowds, gatherings, and going out.

Under the epidemic, humanity showed humanity and panic in the face of disaster. The government should play a leading role in controlling the epidemic situation, control the epidemic situation, commodity prices, and ensure a stable supply of people's necessities. During people's epidemic prevention at home, cultivate healthy living habits and interests, rational consumption, and cherish the time spent with their families.

We must firmly believe that the epidemic will eventually pass. In the future, we will cherish all the resources we have and take the path of sustainable development.



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