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Business opportunities discovered from the May Day holiday

date:2020-05-05 15:26:49

Business opportunities discovered from the May Day holiday

Time flies, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. In a blink of an eye, the May Day holiday is nearing its end. Because of the epidemic, some people spent 5 days in small rented houses, while others returned to their hometowns, others traveled for a short period of time, and enjoyed the quiet time.

  • Business opportunities discovered from the May Day holiday

I just stayed home for a few days, watching TV every day, but I have a lot of thinking about work and life. After careful consideration, we found that when we first came out of the society, we  look down on the stable job of other civil servants and teachers in our hometown. It is always believed that the opportunities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are endless, and a better future is not a dream. Now it seems that the previous ourselves were somewhat frivolous, especially the economic impact of the epidemic on major companies directly radiated to every employee. Instability and insecurity are the voices of most adults. In fact, how can there be any iron rice bowl that only keeps pace with the times can we survive in the society?

The epidemic in 2020 has allowed most people to discover that rural areas have unique advantages. Meals and vegetables, intensive cultivation; sunrise and sunset; birds and flowers, the fragrance of spring soil; summer, ripe fruits; autumn, golden everywhere; winter, plumes of smoke, so nice. My thoughts were verified by truth. During the May Day period, rural tourism in Guangdong's surroundings heated up, and B & b occupancy rate exceeded 200W. Compared with the city, the population is dense and too noisy; the quietness of the countryside, close to nature, and simple folk customs are the temporary restoration centers of modern people after intense work.

Suddenly proud of being from the countryside. My hometown is in a small village in Yueyang, Hunan. Every house is built on the beach. Behind is a large area of Yang Shulin, the Yangtze River embankment, the winding Yangtze River, and the vast farmland in front. In spring, there are yellow canola flowers, sweet melons and watermelon flavor in the air in summer, crayfish and fish looming in the river, road covered with rice in autumn, people chatting in the sun in the winter, and eating seed......

The development of mankind will gradually return to its original nature. When we are young, in pursuit of studies and career away from homeland, seeking better development; when we had a certain amount of savings and did not have to struggle hard for his life, most people chose to return to their homeland, fall back to the roots, and keep a quiet and simple heart.

And most people can only enjoy the inner peace temporarily through B & B. Therefore, B & B is a thriving business. Those with entrepreneurial ideas may wish to try it.



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