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What Can FASTPCBA Do?From multi-layered to flexible printed circuit boards, FASTPCBA is your one-stop shop. We provide our customers with PCB Assembly also PCB Manufacturing and Parts Sourcing service to save your time & cost.

Why Choose FASTPCBA We have imported the advanced machinery from US,Japan,German and Israel to improve our production and technical ability.We have set a great example the PCB field of flying probe testing,buried and blind via and special controlled impedance.We have a highly developed R&D division which has helped our factory successfully produce mechanical micro via,high density impedance and HDI. We have full of confidence to meet your quality level.


FASTPCBA has a comprehensive quality control and inspection system(ISO9001,ISO14001,IATF16949,ISO13485)with traceability,ensure our products 99.8% qualified.

Welcome To Visit Our Factory With 20 years of development, FASPCBA turns into a first class manufacturer of PCB and PCB Assembly, with production capability 35,000 square meters. We provide our customers with PCB solutions and services worldwide. especially more than 80% printed circuit board are exported to oversea market.

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FASTPCBA Electronics Co.,Ltd

FASTPCBA Electronics Co., Ltd., owns leading quality control inspection equipment and high-standard anti-static as well as dust-free workshop production environment in electron industry. By virtue of 0.1mm laser drilling, 100% AOI detection between layers, tightly controlled multi-layer compression equipment, super-speed flying-probe tester, ...

  • 4-hour Proofing4-hour Proofing4 hour fast pcb prototype
  • IATF16949IATF16949IATF16949&ISO9001&ISO13485
  • High YieldHigh YieldHigh Yield
  • 100% Pass Rate100% Pass Rateover 98% pass rate
  • FASTPCBAFASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd
  • FASTPCBAFASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd
  • FASTPCBAFASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd
  • FASTPCBAFASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd

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