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PCBA With 20 years of manufacturing experience,we provide customized services including PCB & SMT & DIP etc.

Why Choose FASTPCBA Imported YAMAHA & MYDATA machine, ensuring high precision pcb manufacturing & assembly.

  • Highly professionalHighly professionalReliableBosch audit PCB manufacturer
  • Sufficient supplySufficient supplyFlexibleNO MOQ
  • Quality controlQuality controlHigh capacity 2 shift work
  • Perfect servicePerfect serviceTraceableERP management
  • High professional:engineer team average pcb industry experience over 10 years;
  • High accuracy:Imported Mounter & solder paste printer are available for 0402, 01005 etc devices
  • Certificated:with IATF16949 & ISO13485 & ISO9001 cerficates.
  • High quality:original package components; 9 steps inpections procedure; ERP & MES system process control
Highly professional

FASTPCBA has a comprehensive quality control and inspection system(IATF16949,ISO9001,ISO13485.)with traceability,ensure our products 99.8% qualified.

Welcome To Visit Our Factory We have provided PCBA customization service for more than 40 contries and regions.

Many Clients From The WorldWe have provided PCBA customization service for more than 40 countries and regions.

About Fastpcba

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd

FASTPCBA Technology Co., Ltd,owns leading quality control inspection equipment and high-standard anti-static as well as dust-free workshop production environment in electron industry. By virtue of 0.1mm laser drilling, 100% AOI detection between layers, tightly controlled multi-layer compression equipment, super-speed flying-probe tester, an...

  • 4-hour Proofing4-hour Proofing4 hour fast pcb prototype
  • IATF16949IATF16949IATF16949&ISO9001&ISO13485
  • High YieldHigh YieldHigh Yield
  • 100% Pass Rate100% Pass Rateover 98% pass rate
  • FASTPCBAFASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd
  • FASTPCBAFASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd
  • FASTPCBAFASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd
  • FASTPCBAFASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd

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